Hooray for Hugo!

A quick update on the new look.

2 minute read

The old site was getting a little clunky, despite being only a few months in service. I had never intended for the design to last very long in the first place, and I certainly didn’t expect to get anywhere near the level of traction I got for some posts. Thank you all for reading!

This new site is running on Hugo, an amazing static site generator written in Go. If you are looking to start any sort of content-driven site, or feel like the old one is outgrowing its roots, I encourage you to give Hugo a serious look. It is painless to set up, a pleasure to use, and integrates with almost any build toolchain you may already have, since you merely exec a binary. Heck, I can even get away with deploying via rsync now, waaaaaat?!?!?

Thanks to Steve Francia for building such a great tool, and Nathan Peretic for the reccomendation (so long ago now, it seems).

I didn’t really want to invest a lot in building out a theme, as I have three other projects going on right now, and getting off a dynamic backend was the big goal here. With that in mind, I found this feature-rich theme, Future Imperfect by Julio Pescador. It is packed with great features. Now I just need to optimize the CSS and JS I actually use (lose what I don’t) and I can make the site really sing.

That’s it for today. Back to some posts on Vue.js and app building on Wednesday!