Vue 2.0

A short post about starting to move my Vue apps to Vue 2.0, and the resources I've found so far.

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(Update 11/14/16: This article has been translated into Japanese by Chiharu Shibata.) A couple weeks back I got back from holiday, my son started the new school year, and once again the home office was calm and quiet. While I was away, someone had reached out about a Vue component I mentioned I was writing to use a Handsontable (HOT) in a Vue app. I mentioned that I was about to start converting it over to Vue 2.

A Case For Writing It Yourself

Quite often it is better to learn how something is made than to simply grab something off the shelf.

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Over the years I’ve vacillated between the two extremes of “roll your own code” and “throw together a bunch of libraries.” I suspect I’m not alone in this endless pursuit of “the best” way to build software. In the end, we all know that each project is unique, and perhaps more importantly, its requirements will change with time. A library you rely upon today may not have all the capabilities you need tomorrow, or perhaps, after real usage data pours in, you realize you only need 1/100th of some module’s functionality and that you can easily write that bit on your own.

Back In Action

I know it has been a while since I’ve posted anything here, but it is for a couple of great reasons.

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It’s been a long summer so far, but it has seemingly flown by. I know it has been a while since I’ve posted anything here, but it is for a couple of great reasons. First, I’ve been spending some more time with my son—playing basketball, biking, hunting for blackberries (and Pokemon)—and with friends, both new and lifelong. Getting to spend time with people I love and whose opinions and outlook I value has been restorative and very welcome.

Diving Deeper on Tesla and Consumer Protections

After Tesla's first fatal autopilot crash, doing the math on their claims finds some holes in the PR. Besides, the math excuse is a total dodge.

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Tesla v Fortune Just a few hours after I posted yesterday, a couple different folks directed me to Tesla’s blog post regarding the Joshua Brown’s fatal crash on ‘autopilot’ and an article by Fortune that is critical of Tesla and CEO Elon Musk. It took me some time to digest both pieces, as well as some additional information surrounding them, but the timelines they present are clearly different than those that were more broadly reported in the media.

Carpetbaggers and Disruption’s Human Costs

Tesla's autopilot is awesome, but Tesla and other 'gig economy' employers are playing risky games with people's lives and livelihoods.

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Update (July 06, 8:00PM): Someone pointed out Tesla’s rebuttal to a Fortune article which presents different information about the timeline of Joshua Brown’s death. The only date I have referred to below is June 30, the date of Tesla’s press release, while it appears the accident itself occurred on May 7. I will write more tomorrow about the new information both articles present, as well as a response to some questions about my position on innovation, ‘autopilot’ and technology.