GitHub Third Party Access and Forge

If you are in a GitHub organization, you may need to tweak settings to deploy Laravel projects on Forge.

2 minute read

Yesterday, I created a GitHub organization so that I could house all of the projects my LLC is working on under one roof. The re-homing process from my individual GitHub user account to the organization could not have been smoother.

Once the repositories were in place, I went to spin up a new Forge instance for a new site I was working on. When I tried to deploy from GitHub, I got this error:

That repository name is invalid.

I double-checked the name, and decided to do a fresh pull from my dev machine. Everything was fine. The repository was private, but I had been deploying other sites from private repositories for a while now. The only thing that had changed was the fact that it was housed under an organization.

When I googled around, I came upon this thread at which seemed to touch on the same issue, but offered no closure.

Third-Party Access Restrictions

Turns out, the issue was caused by a setting in the organization’s settings page. There is a tab for Third-party access which controls your organization’s policies for allowing apps and other goodies to access your data.

By default, all access is prohibited (sorry, I should have taken a screenshot of the before view), meaning that no apps, or really anything other than members, can get at your organization’s data. If you choose to open these restrictions, GitHub does an excellent job (as usual) explaining what actions you are taking and what the consequences are.

I had hoped there would be an integration with Forge so I could allow specific access only, but a quick search of the integrations directory didn’t show anything. (If you know of one, please let me know and I will update this post.)

Anyway, after taking down the restrictions, I was able to return to Forge and deploy as normal. I posted the workaround to the thread mentioned above, and if you are running into the same issue, I hope this has helped.