A handy utility to preview locally hosted websites in three devices at once.

1 minute read

This weekend I was testing out some new layouts I’ve been working on, and I built myself a little tool to preview Responsive (RWD) layouts more easily.

I thought it might be of use to some other folks as well.

It looks like this:

And you can check out a demo or go snag the repository on Github and have at it.

Further Reading

As I write in the FAQ section of the repo, Respons-O-Matic is not meant to be a substitute for real, on-device testing, or anything else for that matter.

I’m just tired of fiddling with more tools in my toolchain, having to keep a zillion devices around, and all the other hassle of RWD testing, just so I can preview a screen or two.

It may not be for you, or for anyone for that matter, but what the hell, right?

Side Note

I’m a really forgetful person when it comes to syntax and whatnot. (That’s why I love Dash, btw.)

As a result, I had a bookmark in my bookmark bar to the Github Git Cheat Sheet, which recently moved to